This year 2024 we are not organizing workshop in the North with Marko Pogačnik.

But there are many telepathic workshops going on arranged by Marko Pogacnik and organized by Lifenet, go to the Lifenet page.

Earlier, some years ago, we had a wonderful workshop in Finland. So you see here an example how it can be:

Marko Pogačnik, UNESCO Artist for Peace     


             Workshop in Finland



KARELIA WORKSHOP  by Marko Pogačnik

     The watery landscape of the south eastern Karelia opens the door to the inner worlds of the Earth associated with the water dragon as the primordial protector of life upon the planet. There it is possible to find the key to its kingdom. The theme is important in this moment of the Earth changes because of the threat that the network of life upon the planet can be broken. With the help of the Gaia Touch body exercises and other forms of the universal language it is possible to get experience of different dimensions of the Earth and support the efforts to keep our home planet alive.

Marko has developed different tools of perceiving and working in the landscape, among them the Gaia Touch body exercises and methods of enlarged perception. His way of work is so that everybody interested can cope with it.

Arr:   Alda network for Geomancy.      

The lake Saimen, where we will live near by, is the biggest lake of Finland and the four biggest of  Europe. Here the Saimen seal lives, one of the few freshwater seals in the world.



Kosmogrammer, mångdimensionella symboler, skapat med konstnärlig inspiration

One of the main goals of modern geomancy is to promote communication between the visible and invisible worlds, dialogue with Earth, nature and the cosmos. The universal language of cosmograms offers an opportunity for this dialogue. Cosmogrammes are energetic signs which are used for communication with the subtle worlds and many levels of life. When carved in stone and placed in the ground they are used for earth healing, similar to acupuncture in the human body,  Cosmogrammes can also be made in many differnt material and as body movement and are suitable for use in-house, at work or in the garden and there help to increase the quality of life of the rooms.

Cosmograms, Lithopuncture and Geopuncture can be seen as a new art movement, where we can go in deeper dialog with the Earth and ourselves.


Vi hade tidigare (2013) en workshop här i Sverige med          Wolfgang Tiller  där vi lärde oss att gestalta och mejsla kosmogrammer. Se flera fotos i Galleri.

Berättelser från tidigare workshops:

Workshop med Marko Pogacnik i Finska Karelien 2018. Läs här

Lettland workshop med Marko Pogacnik 2017. Läs här

Omberg, Vättern, workshop med Marko Pogacnik 2016. Läs här

Workshop med Marko Pogacnik på Island 2015. Läs här

Workshoppen i Köpenhamn med Marko Pogacnik 2013. Läs här

Med Marko Pogacnik, Oslofjorden 2012. Läs här

Kosmogram-workshop Hawkwood, England 2008. Läs här

Nordiska geomanter och andra landskapsarbetare.

Workshops och resor:

Rebecka Vik: 


Helle Helborg:


   Öppna bild

Alda har arrangerat workshops i Norden sedan 2002

2018 Workshop med Marko Pogacnik i Karelen, Finland. Se här

2017 Lettland workshop med Marko Pogacnik. Se här

2016 Workshop med Marko Pogacnik, Omberg, Vättern. se här

2015 blev det workshop på Island med Marko Pogacnik, det var dock inte Alda som arrangerade. se här

2014 hade vi workshop på Gotland med Marko Pogacnik efter LifeNet-kongressen här i Sverige. Alda arrangrade själva kongressen och delvist workshoppen. se här

2013 Workshop med Marko Pogacnik i Köpenhamn, där Alda var med-arrangör. se här   Och Alda arrangerade en kosmogram-workshop i Sverige med Wolfgang Tiller. se här

2012 Workshop med Marko Pogacnik vid Oslofjorden. se här

2011 Göteborg med omnejd, workshop med Marko Pogacnik. se här

2008 Österlen, Skåne. Workshop med Marko Pogacnik. se här

2007 Workshop med Ajra Pogacnik i Södermanland. Samt workshop på Kinnekulle med Ana Pogacnik. se här

2006 Stjärnsund, Dalarna. Workshop med Ana Pogacnik.

2005 Workshop med Ana Pogacnik vid Finsta, Uppland.

2004 Workshop på Gotland med Marko Pogacnik.

2002 Workshop i Järna med Marko Pogacnik.

2003-2005  Sexton utbildnings-workshops med olika lärare: Marko Pogacnik, Ana Pogacnik, Ajra Miska, Erwin Frohmann, Renate Frohmann, Gerda Salis Gross.

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